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Dog bites: who is to blame?

Dogs have long been known as loyal and loving companions. After all, they offer unconditional support, entertainment, and protection to their human owners. Although these four-legged children are commonly considered members of the family, there are some that compromise these popular and endearing notions. Like any animal, dogs can have ranging temperaments; this is especially true regarding dogs who have been abused and who are raised to fight. While both of these practices are prohibited in New Jersey, they are not the only reasons a dog may bite, and there are nevertheless many instances in which a dog bites a person and an injury occurs as a result. Regardless of the type of attack, who is to blame for damage done? 

Drill risks: Hand and face injuries

Using a drill isn't that dangerous, right? Think again: These devices cause a lot of construction site injuries every year. When you use a drill infrequently at your home, the chances might be slim that you'll get hurt. But when you use one of these devices on a day-to-day basis as your job, every time you use a drill your statistical chance of getting hurt goes up.

The dangers of cat bites

New Jersey residents may not be aware of the fact that cat bites can actually be even more dangerous than dog bites. While people treat dog bites immediately, they may be more inclined to let a cat bite sit without proper treatment, which could be a dangerous or even deadly decision.

Understanding the New Jersey Tort Claims Act

There are potential hazards across the state of New Jersey, so it is no surprise that injuries can happen in public parks or government buildings as easily as in an amusement park or grocery store. What many do not realize, however, is that when someone sustains an injury at a government-owned facility, the rules of premises liability differ slightly.

How a 'designated texter' can help drivers avoid accidents

If you haven't noticed from the public service announcements this summer, distracted driving is still a huge problem on America's roads. It is expected that injuries stemming from distracted driving accidents will exceed last year's total. Despite numerous laws banning the practice, it appears that many drivers disregard the law.

How to handle dangerous motorcycle riding situations

Cruising along the streets of New Jersey can be thrilling, but there are many situations that can be especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. As a driver, you can increase your safety by being constantly aware of the possible obstacles you may face on the road. We at Lieberman, Ryan and Forrest have created this guide to detail the dangers to watch out for when you are riding a motorcycle.

How you can help your accident case before it goes to court

When it comes to prevailing in a car accident claim, it is always helpful to have favorable facts. This commonly helps to win a case before you even get to the courtroom. Insurance companies certainly like it this way. This is probably why they want to take their time if there are any questions as to liability. Basically, if there is a chance that the other driver may be liable, the insurer wants to know about it.

Can I sue my employer for my workplace injury?

When a New Jersey worker gets hurt on the job, he or she will usually be able to file a workers' compensation claim to get money to pay for his or her medical care, injuries and time unable to work. The workers' compensation system is intended to protect employers from liability in these kinds of incidents and injured workers usually must rely on their workers' compensation benefits for compensation.

The fatal 4 accident types in the construction industry

Construction work is a perilous occupation. Ensuring that structures and work spaces are stable and safe can be very difficult to do. Still, construction companies have a duty to provide workers with the tools and training that are conducive to safe practices.

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