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How to handle dangerous motorcycle riding situations

Cruising along the streets of New Jersey can be thrilling, but there are many situations that can be especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. As a driver, you can increase your safety by being constantly aware of the possible obstacles you may face on the road. We at Lieberman, Ryan and Forrest have created this guide to detail the dangers to watch out for when you are riding a motorcycle.


According to Esurance.com, curves can hold many dangers for motorcyclists. Tight bends can require you to lean too far and debris in the road can cause your bike to slide. Oncoming drivers may also be drifting into your lane beyond your sight. The best course of action is to approach turns and bends slowly and with caution.


Weather and daylight can also affect your ability to safely operate a motorcycle. If visibility is limited, use the lights of the cars around you as a guide. Watch closely for brake lights and ensure that you are following carefully. Bad weather can be deadly for motorcyclists, which is why you should determine whether it is safe to travel and avoid going out during any kind of storm.


Certain traffic situations can also present unique dangers for motorcyclists. Intersections are particularly unsafe, since your bike’s small size can make it less visible to other drivers. Heavy traffic and frequent passing can also create dangers for smaller vehicles. For more information on what to do if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, please visit our web page.