Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Who’s at fault for a slip-and-fall?

New Jersey residents who slip, trip, or fall on someone else’s property may be wondering what the next step is. We at Lieberman, Ryan, & Forrest LLC, we find it important to help you understand who can be held responsible for these accidents and what possible compensations may be available to you.

Public property is somewhat easier to determine fault for. Under New Jersey law, the “owner or operator” of any piece of commercial property is the one who’s responsible for all accidents that occur on said property. This means that if you fall in a grocery store parking lot, on the way in to a public library, or at a movie theater, you aren’t the one at fault. The commercial property owner will be the one to pay for any expenses that your injuries may incur, as it is their responsibility.

Private property can be a more complex matter, however. This includes property that you were trespassing on, such as private business property. It can also include private residences, such as a neighbor or friend’s house. In these situations, the responsibility for visitors on the property such as yourself does not immediately fall on the property owner’s shoulders. Depending on the situation, you might struggle to gain compensation.

Unfortunately, dangerous slip-and-fall incidents can occur on any property at any time, no matter how safe you try to be. If you would like to read more about slip-and-fall incidents, especially regarding how to find fault in these complex scenarios, you may benefit from taking a look at our linked web page.