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What is aggressive driving?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

When you drive around New Jersey, you may not think about your driving habits. More drivers have reported engaging in aggressive behavior, though, and it is important to understand what this behavior consists of and why it can be dangerous.

When you think about aggressive driving, you may think about actions such as ramming another car. The Washington Post says that honking and tailgating are also forms of aggressive driving which people regularly engage in. While some people stop their cars to yell at other drivers on the road, it is more common for people to make angry or rude gestures or intentionally tailgate. One study says that in some areas, drivers feel the biggest threat to their safety is aggressive driving.

Although any driver may exhibit aggressive behavior, men more often reveal that they have acted confrontationally behind the wheel. This includes behavior such as ramming other cars. Additionally, people are more likely to drive aggressively if they fail to stop at traffic lights or frequently speed. Part of the reason people use these actions may be the number of vehicles on the road. One research director says that drivers may be more agitated because they encounter more congestion each day.

Aggressive driving is a concern because it may lead to more fatal car accidents. A traffic administrator has said that human error is responsible for many collisions and that the number of people killed in crashes increased 7.7 percent from 2014-2015.

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