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Fire risk recall involves BMW vehicles across the country

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

Recalls regularly occur for various products to protect consumers from unforeseen dangers associated with the product. It is not uncommon for a certain make or model of vehicle to be recalled within months or years of the vehicles’ purchase, due to mistakes in manufacturing causing a dangerous situation involving the vehicle. A vehicle recall has the potential to affect not only New Jersey residents, but car owners across the country.

Reportedly, it has been an issue over the past five years for BMW passenger vehicles and SUVs to catch fire spontaneously, even when they had been parked and not in use for several days. It was reported in at least 40 instances that parked BMWs burst into flames. Out of these vehicles, 12 were subject to a recent manufacturer recall that addressed a fire risk due to two separate issues.

The first recall pertains to the climate control system overheating in affected BMW vehicles because of faulty wiring and electrical conductors. The second recall involves a heater for the positive crankcase ventilation system, which in some vehicles has been short-circuiting and causing a fire risk. While a company spokesperson assured the risk was rare, owners of the affected vehicles have been advised to park their vehicles outdoors and call the manufacturer for repairs. BMW representatives stated that the repairs will be performed without charge to the consumer.

Safety issues that prompt recalls may harm more than the purchaser of the product. If other drivers are nearby when a manufacturing defect causes an accident, multiple people could be injured.

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