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How can you combat animal bite scars?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Animal Bites

New Jersey residents who are attacked by dogs may suffer from more than just psychological scarring. Physical scars are also unfortunately common among sufferers like you. Due to the severity of dog attacks, you may even suffer from hypertrophic or keloid scarring.

MedScape states that there are ways to care for noticeable scars in a way that will reduce their appearance. Both the raised appearance of scars and any discoloration that might be associated with them can drastically be reduced and minimized with different medical options.

For more intense and noticeable scarring such as keloids – which can be very large, dark, and take up a lot of room – surgical options are available. Large masses of scar tissue can be removed from the body, and you can get the wound stitched properly so that the chances of a second keloid forming are drastically reduced. Non-surgical options are also available, such as compression therapy. Silicone sheeting can be used to press down the scar, breaking up collagen bundles and smoothing it out.

Treatment for discoloration typically skews toward laser surgery. This treatment reduced redness, and so it’s popular among those whose scars have a lot of darkness or stand out strongly against their skin. If your scar is discolored and in a visible location, being able to remove some of the color from it may help you to feel more at ease.

Animal bites do leave long-lasting damage in some cases, which is a big burden on you. But fortunately, it’s not a burden you have to live with forever.