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Necessary motorcycle gear

When New Jersey motorcyclists get on the road, they may not always think about safety. Safety is an important part of riding a motorcycle, though, and it is important for people to understand what kind of gear they need to protect themselves on the road.

There are many pieces of gear a motorcyclist can wear to stay safe. According to RideApart.com, one piece of gear someone should have is a sturdy pair of boots. It is important that these boots keep someone’s ankles from twisting and that the lacing does not stop beneath the ankle. Boots which lace above a person’s ankles are more likely to stay on in the event that someone is involved in a collision and can help prevent injuries to this part of the body. Additionally, people may want to wear body armor when they ride their motorcycles. This is because it is designed to take most of the energy of the collision so a person’s limbs and joints are safe.

A helmet should usually always be part of the gear a motorcyclist puts on each time he or she rides. It is important for a helmet to fit securely to a person’s head. Helmets are the only piece of gear a motorcyclist is legally required to have in some states, so it is important to understand the state helmet laws.

Helmet laws differ from state to state. Consumer Reports says that in New Jersey, everyone who rides a motorcycle is required to wear a helmet, regardless of age. While someone may think that helmet use should be left up to individual motorcyclists, bikers usually incur fewer injuries, and fewer die, when everyone is required to wear a helmet.