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Semitruck crash causes: Trucker error to equipment failure

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Blog

People who head out on the roadways in New Jersey are taking a risk. The chance of being involved in a motor vehicle crash is great. There are some accidents that can’t be prevented but there are others that are due to negligence or recklessness on the part of the drivers.

When semitruck drivers are on the roads, it is imperative that they are taking appropriate safety measures. They must ensure their trucks are in good condition and that they are cognizant and able to drive. When this doesn’t happen, crashes occur. Consider these common causes of semitruck crashes:

Trucking company policies

Trucking company policies can lead truckers to rush to get the load delivered on a tight deadline. Just like other drivers shouldn’t try to rush when they are on the road, truckers shouldn’t either. A trucker who is trying to go as fast as possible might not follow established traffic laws. Speeding and driving aggressively is very dangerous, especially considering the size and weight of these vehicles. Instead of trying to force truckers to meet deadlines that border on impossible, trucking companies should ensure they are building time into the delivery window that allows truckers to drive safely.

Component failure

Semitrucks that aren’t in good condition shouldn’t be on the roads. Anything that is wrong with the truck should be addressed quickly and before the truck is allowed back on the road. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to know ahead of time that a component is failing. For example, the brakes might go out without warning, which could lead to a trucker not being able to stop the rig. Another potential issue that might not be noticeable ahead of time has to do with the tires.

Trucker error

Trucker error, which can come from fatigue or just not paying attention, is another possible cause of truck accidents. Truckers learn how to handle the rigs before they get their commercial driver’s license, which is required to operate these vehicles. In some cases, they also need special endorsements, such as when they are transporting hazardous materials. These drivers shouldn’t be distracted when they drive and they should be well rested.

While knowing these causes won’t prevent the accident from occurring, it might come into the picture if you seek compensation after the crash. Determining who is liable for the accident will let you know whom to name as a defendant in your claim.