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TVs and heavy objects at home can endanger your child’s life

When there are young children in the home, most parents in New Jersey and elsewhere childproof their house, including plugging up electrical outlets and installing child-proof locks on cabinets. It may be easy to overlook other common dangers that can be just as deadly as medications or sharp objects within reach, including heavy household items that many people believe are not a threat.

A recent, well-reported tragedy is still fresh in many people’s minds. USA TODAY reported on the incident, in which a young girl was killed at a Payless shoe store when a wall mirror fell on her. Authorities believed the mirror was not properly secured to the wall.

This incident is a sad reminder that unsecured objects pose a serious risk to young children. Large television sets are a good example of a common household object that parents might not view as a danger. However, according to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, a child is treated in an emergency room every 45 minutes after being injured by a toppling television. Modern flat-screen TVs may not appear dangerous, but they are heavy enough to cause fatal injuries when pulled off a TV stand or cabinet.

Parents may protect their children by ensuring their televisions, dressers, cabinets and other items that may be tipped over are secured to walls with brackets. They should also move heavy objects, such as kitchen appliances, out of children’s reach and check that mirrors and picture frames are securely attached to the walls.

It is also a good idea for parents to check for potential dangers at daycare centers, preschools and friends’ homes where their children visit, which may help them avoid a tragedy.