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Should you be worried about potholes as a motorcyclist?

Potholes are a pain no matter where in New Jersey you’re traveling. They can damage your vehicle, burst your tires, and leave you with some nasty injuries. But that’s mostly for covered vehicles like cars, vans, or trucks. What about people like you, who have to weather the strike with your motorcycle alone?

For motorcyclists, the dangers of potholes can be even more pronounced than for almost anyone else on the road. As FindLaw states, unrepaired potholes are a risk to anyone, but motorcycles have less protection than a covered vehicle.

What does that mean for you? Basically, one of the biggest dangers of hitting a pothole on a motorcycle is the possibility of being ejected from the bike itself. This can be damaging all on its own, as the fall and resulting impact can leave you with broken bones or worse. However, it can also catapult you directly into traffic, resulting in you potentially being hit by other cars who don’t have enough time to spot you and slow down.

Damage can also be exacerbated when you’re on a motorcycle compared to inside a car. Because of the size and speed of a motorcycle, any pothole could potentially cause this level of damage. While a car may largely be able to brush off running over certain sizes of pothole, your tire might easily be caught in even a fist-sized one.

Unrepaired potholes on the road can cause injury to many bike riders every day. If you have been harmed because of a pothole that hasn’t been repaired by the city, you may want to contact an attorney to see what your options are regarding seeking financial compensation.