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Can you harm your spinal cord in a motorcycle crash?

When you ride your motorcycle around New Jersey, you usually do not expect to crash. It is easy for a collision to occur, though, and if you are involved in a serious accident, you may sometimes incur a spinal cord injury.

While you might think it is rare to incur a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle crash, this is not actually the case. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, motorcycle collisions are the fifth leading cause of spinal cord injuries for men. There are several symptoms associated with this kind of wound. You might have trouble walking or balancing after your accident or you may feel tingling in your feet or hands. Sometimes you might also find it hard to breathe. Additionally, pressure or pain in your back or neck can be a sign that your spinal cord is hurt. It is important to speak to a doctor if you think you injured this part of your body. 

Although you may think that any spinal cord injury is serious, these wounds have different levels of severity. Sometimes you may only have a spinal concussion. This type of wound generally heals within a few days. If your wound is on a lower level of your spinal cord, you usually have more feeling in your limbs and can move them with more control. Injuries on an upper level typically have a larger impact on your mobility.

After incurring a spinal cord injury, you may sometimes need surgery or rehabilitation. This rehabilitation might include occupational or physical therapy. Your specific kind of spinal cord injury usually determines how much your wound improves.

This information is intended to educate. It should not be used in place of legal advice.