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2 frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Workers’ compensation attorneys who handle construction accident claims see numerous kinds of cases relating to an infinite number of injury scenarios. However, when it comes to the information their clients need, attorneys are often answering the same questions again and again.

Here are two frequently asked questions presented by the typical construction accident victim:

I was hurt at work: Am I limited to receive only workers’ compensation benefits?

When it comes to getting the benefits you need to pay for your medical care, filing a workers’ compensation claim is usually your first course of action after a work-related construction accident. However, every workers’ compensation case related to a construction accident warrants further investigation to determine if any third-parties, in addition to your employer, may have been responsible and financially liable for your injuries.

For example, perhaps you tripped on an electrical cord that was left in a dangerous position by another contractor at the construction site. In a case like this, you were hurt while performing your job duties; therefore, workers’ compensation insurance should cover the costs of your medical care and time spent unable to work because of your injuries.

However, the third-party was negligent in leaving the electrical cord in a dangerous place. As such, the third-party could be financially liable to pay for damages above and beyond the benefits you receive through workers’ compensation.

Shouldn’t the property owner also be liable for my injuries?

The liability of the property owner at a construction site depends on the level of authority this individual held over the activities happening at the property. For example, if a property owner is not closely involved in construction activities, but rather leaves it up to the contractors to manage all aspects of the premises, the property owner might not be liable for dangerous conditions on the property during construction. Instead, the liability and responsibility would fall upon the person or company directly overseeing the property and work conditions.

Investigate your legal rights and options after a workplace injury

Following any kind of injury at a construction site, workers need to be diligent in (1) investigating their legal rights and options with regard to receiving workers’ compensation benefits and (2) determining whether more compensation may be available by holding third-parties liable for their injuries. If successfully navigated, these two steps can provide a lifeline of financial support to injured workers during a time of serious physical hardship and monetary need.