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Motorcycle crash in Morris Township shows road rage dangers

As if motorcyclists didn’t have enough to worry about with poor weather, bad road conditions and inattentive drivers, they also need to beware of people who drive aggressively or try to cause harm. Many residents of New Jersey have experienced or witnessed road rage. This driving behavior can be dangerous for anyone, but can be especially deadly for motorcyclists who are the target of another driver’s anger.

A recent accident that occurred in Morris Township left authorities with more questions than answers, but highlights how quickly and unexpectedly a road rage incident can occur, as well as the frightening implications for motorcyclists. As the Daily Record explained, a driver engaging in what law enforcement described as an apparent road rage attack allegedly struck the biker with his or her vehicle and purposefully ran him off the road. The motorcyclist was fortunate to have only received minor injuries, rather than being seriously injured or killed. There was no report on what might have sparked the incident, and authorities were still searching for the driver who injured the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk if an angry driver targets them, due to their bikes offering little protection against a larger vehicle and being more difficult to control if they are struck or run off the road. In addition to being held accountable for the victim’s medical bills and other expenses related to an accident, those who engage in road rage and knowingly injure or attempt to injure someone else can face criminal charges.