Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Do not rush to blame yourself

We have seen it all too often — people put the blame on themselves for slips, trips and falls. It is only human to want to blame yourself if there is nobody there who directly harmed you. However, allowing negligent New Jersey property owners to continue their irresponsible habits often only perpetuates the problem. In other words, staying silent could end up leading to the continuation of the unsafe conditions that caused your accident, endangering yourself and others in the future.

At Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., we put the well-being of our clients first. That means that we negotiate, litigate and investigate with the singular purpose of securing adequate compensation for the injuries in question. There is no question that we derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing our clients’ futures secured by our advice and efforts. However, there is more to the profession than just that.

We believe that injury cases make our communities safer for those who are at the greatest risk of life-altering accidents. Seniors are particularly susceptible to some of the most common types of so-called premises injuries — problems that occur due to poor maintenance or cleaning of a facility or property. We like to think that we are improving our communities by making responsible parties own up to their actions.

Successful settlements and trials ending with a decision for the plaintiff are more than a win for us. They are powerful punitive and preventative tools: they punish negligent parties and dissuade negligence in general, and our communities become safer as a result. Please continue to read more on our main legal website.