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Falls the leading cause of fatal, nonfatal injury among seniors

When you are an older American, certain hazards that younger people may be able to easily avoid can cause serious falls, and in some cases, those falls can lead to long-term hardship and even death. At Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., we recognize that, while older Americans often have certain risks factors in play that make them more susceptible to falls, the negligence of others is often a contributor to many of today’s slip-and-fall accidents.

According to the National Council on Aging, falls have become so common among the nation’s elderly that they are now the leading cause of fatal injuries, nonfatal injuries and hospitalizations within this age group. Furthermore, an older American dies because of a fall every 19 minutes in the United States, while emergency room departments see more than 2.8 million fall-related injuries from patients annually.

Just what is it that is causing today’s older Americans to suffer slip-and-fall accidents? Some contributing factors involve inevitable aspects of aging, while others are often avoidable. For example, as you age, your eyesight tends to deteriorate, and your muscles and bones often weaken over time, too. All of these factors can enhance your fall risk, as can taking certain prescription medications, or recovering from certain medical procedures.

Additionally, the negligence of others, including property owners and caretakers, can also lead to falls among older Americans. In some cases, wet floors, cluttered stairs and similar hazards cause falls, while in other cases, falls happen because older Americans who need assistance getting around do not get the help they need. You can find out more about slip-and-fall accidents by visiting our webpage.