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What are some types of workers’ compensation benefits?

If you’re a resident in New Jersey who has recently been injured in a work-related incident, you’re likely going to have medical expenses ahead of you. Fortunately, you’ll have workers’ compensation benefits access as well. Lieberman, Ryan & Forrest, L.L.C., will be available to help you navigate those benefits.

Of the different types of benefits available, we’ll look at temporary and permanent. Permanent benefits are related to injuries or ailments that have a permanent effect on you or your ability to work. For example, if you suffered from a spinal fracture in a work incident and became paralyzed, that will be something you unfortunately have to deal with for life. Because of that, you also need life-long benefits. 

Permanent partial benefits are based on your current level of impairment. If there is a chance for the impairment to heal, benefits will end at that time. Payment may fluctuate. Permanent total benefits, on the other hand, encompass 450 work weeks of pay if you’re unable to work at all. After that period has passed, benefits will be reevaluated.

Temporary total benefits cover you if your injury isn’t permanent, but lasts longer than 7 days. If you must be out of work longer than that, you’re eligible to get paid up to 70 percent of the average work week’s payment.

If you have been injured in a work-related accident and require financial assistance, take a look at our web page, linked here. Not only can you take a look at the different benefit options available, but you can read more about your other options and contact our experienced attorneys for direct guidance.