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What are some tips for driving a motorcycle in the fall?

Driving a motorcycle can be a freeing experience. The open road, the wind in your hair and the landscape rushing by. However, motorcycles are often very dangerous. As the season changes and warm summer fade into cool fall in New Jersey, you need to take a few precautions to ensure you stay safe as you wrap up the riding year.

The Drive suggests understanding the weather’s impact on your motorcycle experience. The weather may be slightly unpredictable in the fall. It could rain one day and be sunny and nice the next. The temperatures are also up and down. The best thing to do is layer your clothing. Make sure you can take off layers if you get too hot or have layers to put on to keep you warm.

Also, think about nature. This is the real hazard in the fall. Leaves that cover the roadways become as slick as ice when wet. In addition, things may get hidden in leaves that could pose a risk to you. Make sure you pay attention to the road ahead of you and avoid leaves if possible. Another issue with nature is animals. While they are around all the time, many animals become more active in fall, especially deer. Hitting a deer could be catastrophic. Watch out for them near wooded areas or fields. Remember, too, that if you see one deer, there are probably more around. Always slow down if you see one, even if it is not near the roadway. They can be unpredictable.

Keeping these things in mind can help you to stay safer on the roads in the fall and avoid common hazards that could cause an accident. This information is for education and is not legal advice.