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Workers’ compensation: Nail salon worker respiratory injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

Imagine Rebecca has worked at the same nail salon for the last three years. She’s never been hurt as a result of her job, and she never imagined she could be. However, what Rebecca didn’t realize was how the chemicals she was using were potentially dangerous to her health.

Products that nail salon workers use on a regular basis can seriously affect their health. Being exposed to these chemicals day-in and day-out can result in the workers breathing harmful vapors into their lungs. Nail workers may also breathe in harmful dusts, mists and vapors as a result of their professions. They might even swallow or ingest the chemicals while smoking a cigarette or eating food that was in the nail salon.

The effects of working in a nail salon can add up over time

The effects of working in a nail salon can really add up over time, especially since nail workers may use multiple chemicals and other products at the same time. When a nail studio doesn’t have very good ventilation, workers can get sick. The fact that nail workers often put in long hours also does not help their situation. The longer workers find themselves exposed to these chemicals, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

Working in a nail salon for a month or two might not have any adverse health effects, though sometimes it can. What’s most dangerous is the long-term effects of this profession. That being said, employers and nail salon owners can control and limit the level of chemical exposure employees must endure.

It’s for this reason that nail salon employees like Rebecca above should always ask their employers about safety procedures relating the chemicals and chemical exposure to avoid getting seriously hurt or ill.

Employees who were hurt in nail salon jobs may want to explore their legal rights and options now

As for nail salon employees who are already ill because of their professions, they might want to explore their legal rights and options related to the pursuit of a workers’ compensation claim. Fortunately, most nail sector employees should have the legal right to workers’ compensation benefits to pay for medical care and time spent unable to work in the event of a job-related illness.