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Head-on collision in New Jersey leads to critical injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

It is always tragic when an innocent child with no driving privileges becomes the victim of a car accident. Tragedy struck again last week as an eight-year-old girl sustained critical injuries in a crash allegedly caused by the driver of the vehicle in which she was riding. The 34-year-old woman driving the vehicle also received critical injuries, and both remain hospitalized at a local medical facility. The relationship between the woman and the young girl is unclear at this time, even though reports refer to the automobile involved as a family vehicle.

The current condition of the other driver, a 74-year-old man, is unknown, although he too sustained injuries that resulted in his hospitalization. The accident occurred last Wednesday morning in Harrington Park, New Jersey. Law enforcement shut down the site of the collision, on Old Hook Road between Schraalenburgh and Bogerts Mill roads, for several hours thereafter. It is unclear at this time whether authorities will file any criminal charges.

Though the accident remains under investigation, thus far authorities have revealed that the woman allegedly collided head-on with the second vehicle after crossing over the double yellow line and into the westbound lane. The force of the impact threw the child, a third-grader in the Norwood public school system, out of her child safety seat and ejected her from the vehicle. 

As long as children must rely on others for transportation, there will always be innocents who suffer because of car accidents. It may be helpful for families so affected to consult an attorney.