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Stay safe on a motorcycle in the winter

New Jersey motorcyclists may want to ride their bikes year round. However, winter poses unique hazards to a biker and it is important for motorcyclists to know how they can be safe during this season.

It is important to remember that the road may not be in good condition during the winter. According to Ultimate Motorcycling, the road may have cracks after a plow comes through to remove snow. These cracks may sometimes do damage to a motorcycle’s rims. Additionally, a biker might get less traction after the road has been salted, and he or she usually needs to watch out for black ice. Bikers may also need to pay more attention to their tires in the winter. Cold temperatures generally mean that tires have less traction. Tire pressure may also be lower in the winter. It is a good idea for bikers to monitor their tire pressure and check their tire tread before they start riding.

It is also important for bikers to wear enough gear. It is a good idea to wear several layers of clothing, as well as a neck warmer. Additionally, motorcyclists should make sure they have a good pair of gloves to keep their hands warm.

Some people may not think twice about biking through snow. Forbes says that people typically have less visibility during snowstorms. They also may not see curves in the road and ice. Because of this, bikers should generally stay off the road when it starts snowing. Additionally, it is important for motorcyclists to remember to slow down when they ride in the winter. Swerving and quickly braking may be more hazardous in winter conditions and it is usually better if bikers slow down so they can see hazards on the road from a distance.