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How can I keep my sidewalks safe in a snow storm?

Winter can hit New Jersey pretty hard sometimes, and when it does, you have to be alert and ready to keep the sidewalks in front of your home clear and safe. Whether it is a huge storm or just a few flurries, snow can create a slippery mess on sidewalks. If someone falls and suffers an injury, you could face liability issues, so you want to be sure you keep your sidewalk clear of snow and ice.

According to Consumer Reports, how often you shovel the sidewalk depends on how much it snows. If it is just a short snow fall, you can usually wait until it is done snowing to start shoveling. However, if this is an all day storm that is dumping a lot of snow, you should go out every couple of hours to shovel. Keep in mind that if people walk over the snow, it compacts it down. This not only makes it more difficult to shovel but also makes it more slippery. So, staying on top of snow removal is important.

You want to clear the sidewalk as best as you can. Also, apply ice melt to ensure that anything left behind does not turn into ice. If you have had an ice storm, apply the ice melt and scrap the sidewalk once it has melted to avoid refreezing.

You also want to keep yourself safe while shoveling. Use a good shovel that is strong enough to handle the snow. Make sure to use proper techniques to avoid back injuries as well. You can use a snowblower, but keep in mind that they pose their own risks as the spraying snow could mix with debris that could damage property or injury people nearby. This information is for education and is not legal advice.