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Snow removal and accidents on the road

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

In many parts of the country, this has been an especially difficult winter with unusually cold temperatures and significant snowfall. This can increase the chances of crashes in different ways, whether ice covers the road or a driver’s visibility is adversely affected by heavy snowfall. Moreover, this may also necessitate snow removal, which could lead to a collision for a number of different reasons. During the winter, people who live in areas that see dangerous road conditions should be especially vigilant and mindful of some of the other risk factors that are associated with this weather.

In many parts of the U.S., the county tries to tackle winter weather by plowing the road and covering roadways in salt. This can be very helpful, but a collision involving a snow plow can be especially dangerous due to the massive size of the truck. Whether an inexperienced snow plow driver loses control or a vehicle slams into a snow plow after heading over a patch of ice, this is very dangerous.

Aside from snow removal carried out by counties, there are many private snow plow operators as well. These drivers may have less experience and they may fail to pay attention to the road while plowing. Furthermore, when it is snowing heavily it can be difficult for vehicle to see smaller snow plows and someone operating a snow plow may have a hard time seeing other vehicles on the road, especially if they have to reverse their vehicle, for example. If you were hit by a snow plow, you may need to look into filing a lawsuit.