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New Jersey dog owner responsible for attack that kills other dog

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Animal Bites

When New Jersey residents take their dogs for a walk, one of the last things they expect is for another dog to appear and attack. Aggressive dogs can pose a danger not only to people, but to other pets as well. It can be terrifying and heartbreaking to witness a beloved pet being attacked by another dog, especially if the attack results in the loss of the pet. In these situations, pet owners may be helpless in protecting their pets from an attack in progress. Sadly, this scenario occurred recently in the Atlantic Highlands.

As the Ashbury Park Press reported, a dog was attacked last May while on a walk with its owner. Reportedly, another dog escaped from a fenced backyard and went after the leashed dog. The injured dog was rushed to an animal hospital, but tragically succumbed to its injuries later that day. Authorities held the attacking dog’s owners responsible for owning a potentially dangerous dog and allowing it to escape. Additionally, they were told to secure their backyard to prevent further escapes. The breed of dog responsible for the attack was unknown.

Dog owners may take precautions to leash their pets when they are walking them, but they cannot always predict the actions of other animals or pet owners. As the above incident illustrates, a dog attack can come out of nowhere, and the injuries can be serious and potentially fatal. Whether an aggressive dog injures a person or another animal, the negligent owner may be held liable for the medical expenses related to the attack.