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What common summer risks could endanger your child?

It is good for your children to get outside and play during the summer months, but, as you know, there are also dangers that can threaten your children when they go outside without supervision. This does not mean that you must keep an eye on your children all the time, especially if they are older. However, you and other New Jersey residents may want to learn about summer risks for children, as well as how attractive nuisance law can protect them.

According to FindLaw, the most common dangers from neighborhood properties that children can encounter during the summer may include the following:

  • Backyard swimming pools and other water features
  • Riding lawnmowers and power tools
  • Ditches and tunnels
  • Debris and refuse pits
  • Aggressive dogs

These hazards are called attractive nuisances, because children can be attracted to something dangerous even if they know they are not supposed to be on someone else’s property without supervision or permission. You may be interested to learn that residents are required to safeguard a known hazard by taking reasonable measures to prevent access. For example, a homeowner with a backyard pool should have a fence around the property. Those with power tools should keep the equipment locked in a shed or garage. It may also be wise to keep an aggressive dog indoors or to put warning signs around the property.

You may teach your children about not trespassing or using others’ possessions without permission. However, you cannot always predict what your children will do, especially if they are bored or influenced by their peers. A negligent property owner may be held liable for your child’s injuries.