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Pit bulls’ owner arrested after fatal attack

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Animal Bites

Any person in New Jersey who has heard others talk about pit bulls know that emotions can run high on this topic. Many people argue vehemently that this breed of dog can be just as loving, sweet and docile as any other type of dog. They assert that the nature of a pit bull or of any dog has more to do with how it is raised than what breed it might happen to be or include. Despite these assertions, it is a fact that pit bulls remain involved in more attacks than any other type of dog.

One woman in Barnegat Township is not only mourning the loss of her beloved dog but had to watch her dog be mauled to death by two pit bulls. As reported by News 12 New Jersey, the woman was out on a Sunday afternoon taking her dog for a walk. Her dog was on a leash as is required by law. Without any warning or provocation, two pit bulls came out of almost nowhere and attacked her dog.

People in the area tried to come to the dog’s rescue and were said to even hit the pit bulls with a pipe but nothing stopped them in time. While in transit to emergency veterinary help, the poor dog that had been attacked died.

Police tried to find the dogs but were unable to at first. App.com said they had talked to a woman believed to own the two dogs two days later but that woman denied her dogs were involved. The following day, she admitted the attack was by her dogs and she has now been arrested.