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Showing that your injury was work-related

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

Being injured at work can be demoralizing because it can prevent you from earning wages during your recovery period. If you were seriously injured, you may even need to consider a change in career due to your being unable to physically continue your profession.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of coverage that is available to the majority of workers in the United States. It provides a financial safety net for those who are struggling due to injuries that they acquired at work. Eligible injured workers can gain compensation for all medical expenses that were related to the treatment of the injury. They may also be able to gain compensation for a portion of the wages that they lost.

However, to successfully claim workers’ compensation, you must be able to show that you acquired your injury when engaging in a work activity, and not in horseplay. Some workers have difficulty in proving that they acquired an injury at work, especially if their employer challenges their version of events. You should consider the following tips if you want to ensure that you get the workers’ compensation that you deserve.

Notify your employer immediately after the injury

Waiting several days or weeks before notifying your employer of your injury may mean that you are ineligible for workers’ compensation, and it may also be less convincing. By notifying your employer as soon as the injury occurs, you will be able to explain the events that took place and request the appropriate forms.

Seek medical care

Injuries can be a result of progressive strains, and the injury may not be attributed to one notable event. If, for example, you are suffering from back pain due to repetitive motions at work, it may be difficult to prove that such an injury was caused by work activities rather than something caused by the gym or exercise. Seeking medical care when you start noticing a problem will help with this. Your medical provider may be able to provide documentation suggesting that the nature of your work is the probable cause.

Successfully claiming workers’ compensation does not need to be stressful. By being prepared and able to justify your claims, you will have a good chance of being successful.