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Premises liability lawsuit follows Legionnaires’ infection

Legionella bacteria cause a deadly type of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. Health officials issued a statement in which they confirmed that 94 people from various states, including New Jersey, became infected with this bacteria at a fair and were hospitalized. Four of those people have died so far. One of the victims who was infected has now filed a premises liability lawsuit.

Reportedly, two hot tub vendors displayed and demonstrated their products at the fair. The legionella bacteria can be present in tiny droplets from a mist, such as that emitted by industrial air conditioners, as well as hot tubs. The bacteria can live in the water pipes of the equipment. The man who filed the claim alleges the hot tub manufacturers failed to maintain their products during the exhibition, exposing the public to the deadly bacteria.

The plaintiff claims he attended another show at the agricultural center, but he passed by the hot tubs display and stopped to look at them. He asserts he spent mere minutes there but unknowingly breathed in the vapor formed by the hot tubs. Within 10 days, he became severely ill and had to be hospitalized.

This man claims that had the defendants not neglected their duty to maintain the hot tubs properly, he would not have been infected with Legionnaires’ disease. Navigating a premises liability lawsuit in New Jersey is a complicated legal process, and it is typically best done by an experienced personal injury attorney. The successful presentation of such a suit can yield a monetary judgment to cover financial losses like medical costs and lost income, along with non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.