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New bill increases workers’ compensation coverage for amputations

A measure that was passed by the Assembly in December was recently signed into law. With this, its sponsors, Assembly Democrats Joann Downey and Eric Houghtaling, aim to provide more compensation for New Jersey workers who have lost limbs in work-related accidents. They noted that this is long overdue because workers’ compensation had hardly been updated during the past 40 years.

Although workplace accidents that cause amputation are infrequent occurrences, employees who lose limbs should be adequately and fairly compensated. According to the sponsors of the bill, previous rates of compensation did not provide nearly enough benefits for amputation victims. They say the increases in benefits over past years have been insignificant and not nearly enough to make up for the severity of the injuries.

Losing a limb, or even just a finger, can prevent a worker’s return to the same occupation. The importance of arms, legs, hands, feet and fingers is immeasurable, not only in the workplace but in every aspect of a person’s life. While nothing can undo such catastrophic injuries, the new bill will significantly expand the existing benefits.

The consequences of losing body parts in workplace accidents could be overwhelming. New Jersey victims can utilize the skills of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Not only will legal counsel assist with the benefits claims process, but the lawyer can work to ensure that those whose injuries caused permanent partial or total disability receive the level of compensation to which they are entitled under the new law that was recently enacted.