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Police say 2 car accidents caused by negligent teen drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

Police in Fairfield recently encouraged New Jersey parents of teenagers with provisional licenses to have conversations about safe and responsible driving. Parents were also asked to make sure their teens comply with the legal restrictions for inexperienced drivers. Two car accidents in Fairfield that were caused by young drivers gave rise to the decision to issue the caution, although no lives were lost — “by the grace of God,” said the police spokesperson.

In the first accident, a 17-year-old male driver in a Maserati apparently became impatient when the car ahead of him in the right lane was too slow for his liking. He passed it safely but then attempted to make a right turn immediately after returning to the right lane. He lost control and caused an accident that involved five vehicles and caused injuries to several people, some of whom were hospitalized. The driver received 11 summonses.

In the second accident, a 17-year-old female in a BMW passed a police vehicle illegally on the left side just as the sergeant was about to turn left. Fortunately, the sergeant was alert and managed to avoid a collision, but the young driver failed to maintain control of her car. She drove across the lawn of a residence and smashed into a brand new vehicle in the driveway, pushing it into a stone wall. No one was injured, but the young driver received several summonses.

It is in the best interest of parents to make sure their driving habits are good examples for their teenagers. Anyone who suffers injuries in car accidents that result from the negligence of provisional drivers are entitled to pursue claims for financial relief. An experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney can navigate ensuing legal proceedings against the provisional driver and any separate owner of the motor vehicle he or she was operating.