Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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How can bikers avoid most motorcycle accidents?

Most motorcycle riders in New Jersey know that they have to ride defensively to escape the risks posed by negligent or inconsiderate vehicle drivers. While protective gear can only protect riders from some of the typical injuries bikers suffer in motorcycle accidents, it could make them more visible to other road users. However, bikers can do a whole lot to avoid accidents and life-changing injuries.

Many drivers are conditioned to look for other vehicles, and often fail to notice much smaller motorcycles. Some are distracted, the biker might be in the driver’s blind spot, or drivers might be inconsiderate. Bikers should always be prepared for vehicles that might turn in front of them without yielding. Bikers must be alert to patches of gravel, sand, leaves and other debris, which can cause a rider to lose control, especially when navigating road bends or corners.

Motorcycle riders also need to be alert and try to anticipate when drivers are about to change lanes and make sure they do not ride in the blind spots of drivers. When motorcyclists stop at intersections, crosswalks and stop signs, distracted drivers may rear-end them at high rates of speed. At the same time, riders must keep a lookout for other motorcycles or cars that stop unexpectedly to avoid smashing into them.

New Jersey motorcyclists who are suffering the consequences of motorcycle accidents typically have to deal with medical bills and lost wages along with pain and suffering. If another party’s negligence caused the accident, the injured biker has the right to sue for damage recovery through the civil justice system. A personal injury attorney with experience in working to recover damages for injured motorcycle riders can be a valuable asset.