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Car accidents the second leading cause of TBI

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

According to the Brain Injury Institute, falls are the primary cause of brain injuries nationwide. Auto crashes come next, though they are the primary cause of deaths due to head injuries. Whether they are closed or open wounds, head injuries could be life-changing or even fatal.

Fatalities can occur in any New Jersey vehicle accident, including head-on collisions, T-bone crashes and rear-end collisions. The impact of an auto accident can cause the heads of the driver and the front seat passenger to slam into the windshield or the dashboard. In many cases, road departure and rollovers cause vehicle occupants to be ejected, increasing the risk of head injuries.

Broken windshields are often the cause of open head injuries when pieces of glass penetrate the skull. In many cases, surgery is required to remove pieces of glass from the brain. Moreover, the whiplash motion of the head upon the impact of a crash could cause severe damage to the brain as it smashes into the hard inner walls of the skull. While concussion is termed a mild traumatic brain injury, swelling and bleeding of the brain could cause death.

Traumatic brain injuries could have long-term or even permanent harm, not only physical but also financial. Victims might be unable to return to work as the result of compromised cognitive abilities. Those who can return to work might have to spend many hours undergoing therapy. If another party’s negligence caused the crash that caused brain injuries, the victim likely has grounds to pursue a claim for financial relief. A consultation with an experienced New Jersey car accidents attorney may be appropriate.