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An attractive nuisance can lead to premises liability claims

With the arrival of summer, property owners in New Jersey may want to look at any potential dangers that could cause injuries to unsupervised children around their yards. These are called attractive nuisances that include anything that could attract neighborhood children to come onto the property for a closer look. However, if such incidents cause injuries, the property owner could face full financial accountability through a premises liability lawsuit.

A ride-on lawnmower left in the yard could cause injuries. A ladder left propped up against a garage, or house wall could also attract kids. Trampolines, swimming pools, playsets and treehouses should be enclosed to prevent unsupervised use.

Fountains or water features are often overlooked, but they pose as much of a threat as swimming pools do. Placing warning signs to prevent trespassers from entering the property may not be sufficient since those at most risk may not be able to read. It is in the nature of children to be curious and explore, and any objects or features that can lure them onto a property could be classified as attractive nuisances.

Parents in New Jersey who have to deal with the medical costs of a child who suffers injuries while exploring an attractive nuisance on another person’s property might have questions about their legal rights. A personal injury attorney experienced in dealing with attractive nuisance premises liability claims can provide the answers. Legal counsel can then advocate for the plaintiff in pursuit of a monetary judgment to cover medical expenses and other damages related to the incident.