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Motorcycle accidents: Police seek help in solving biker’s death

With the onset of warmer weather, bikers in New Jersey and elsewhere are taking to the open roads. Bikers say there is nothing as thrilling as riding a motorcycle. However, specials skills are required because motorcycle accidents can happen in the blink of an eye — often with catastrophic consequences.

Crash investigators in Hackensack asked for the help of people who witnessed a fatal motorcycle accident on a recent Friday evening. According to the county prosecutor, officers responded to the crash scene at approximately 11 p.m. They arrived to find a motorcyclist who had crashed into a wall. The biker succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

A preliminary investigators report indicates that the 43-year-old northbound biker had traveled across the southbound lanes and off the roadway on the opposite side. He came to a halt when the bike crashed into the stone wall. Investigators suspect that the motorcyclist swerved to avoid a collision with a southbound vehicle.

The surviving family members of the deceased biker are surely waiting for further information from the investigation. If a driver of a southbound vehicle crossed the center line into the northbound lane, it would explain why the motorcyclist went off the roadway. It could also prove negligence on the part of a vehicle driver, providing the family members grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. This complicated legal matter is best navigated by a New Jersey attorney with extensive experience in dealing with motorcycle accidents. A lawyer can work to document negligence and present a claim for documented losses for adjudication by the appropriate court.