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Brave boy suffers dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Animal Bites

It may be difficult to keep up with the news these days, and New Jersey residents may have missed a recent headline that is both heart-warming and chilling. Amid coverage of national politics, natural disasters and celebrity gossip lies a story about a brave little boy who suffered serious dog bite injuries after saving his little sister from a similar fate. The remarkable story serves as a reminder that pet owners may fail to keep visitors to their homes safe.

The boy and his sister were playing with friends in a neighboring yard. The child that lived in the home explained to his young guests that one of the dogs in the yard was nice but the other was mean. The child describing a dog as mean may be evidence that the owners were aware the dog was prone to aggression.

According to reports, the mean dog charged the children. In a split second, the brave boy put himself between the attacking animal and his little sister. The dog bit the brave boy, tearing into his face, causing injuries that could result in permanent disfigurement. The boy later attested that he feared that the dog was going to kill someone, and he wanted to make sure his younger sister was spared.

Underneath the incredible account of a young boy’s courage lies a serious legal matter. The homeowner failed to protect the children from a pet that allegedly already had a reputation of being mean. Under similar circumstances, a New Jersey victim may want to consult an attorney to decide what sort of court action may be appropriate to hold a pet owner legally responsible for negligence that resulted in dog bite injuries.