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Car accidents: Amazon trucker rear-ends sedan, killing a toddler

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

New Jersey state police are investigating a crash that caused the death of a 1-year-old child. Car accidents such as this one between a big rig and a passenger vehicle typically cause severe injuries or fatalities because of the size and weight differences of the two vehicles. Reportedly, this accident occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike shortly before 11 p.m. on a recent Friday.

In a preliminary crash report, State Police say an Amazon tractor-trailer smashed into the rear of a sedan with four occupants. The car occupants became trapped when the tractor-trailer came to a halt on top of the car. Rescuers from three firefighting companies could not free the people from the wreckage. Ultimately, a crane was used to lift the big rig from the car.

The 24-year-old driver of the sedan and her 61-year-old passenger suffered injuries described as moderate. Two children, boys ages 1 and 3, suffered serious injuries and were rushed to a hospital. Sadly, the younger boy succumbed to his injuries after being admitted to a medical facility. The 53-year-old truck driver also suffered moderate injuries.

No amount of money can replace a 1-year-old child, but a monetary judgment awarded by a civil court might ease the financial consequences. The surviving family members of the deceased child may pursue civil lawsuits against the truck driver and Amazon. An attorney who has experience in navigating wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits after car accidents can advocate for the victims of this crash in a New Jersey civil court in pursuit of financial relief.