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Day care workers face on-the-job muscle strains, sprains

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Child care workers in New Jersey day care facilities have to be pretty flexible and fit. They need to be able to get down to the level of small children in order to interact with them. They also have to be able to lift up the children for diaper changes, to give comfort and to remove them from different areas in the day care center.

All of that bending, lifting and stooping can play havoc on a child care worker’s musculoskeletal system. If they make a wrong move, they could face injuries that can be at least temporarily disabling.

Learn proper lifting and moving techniques

If you are a daycare provider working in the child care industry, you can save yourself a lot of pain and muscle strain by learning the best methods of lifting and moving while on the job.

Bending down and crouching to get on the kids’ level can result in injuries over time. If you will be interacting with your wee ones, pull up a chair to get eye-level with them instead of stooping, crouching or bending.

When you have to lift and carry a sturdy toddler, forego holding the tot on your hip, which can cause overextension injuries. Instead, hold the child close at the front of your body. This keeps your knees and hips in a neutral position that is less likely to result in injuries.

Work smarter, not harder

Equipment and furniture in a day care setting are scaled down for the kids’ needs. But the mini furniture set close to the floor can wreak havoc on child care workers’ bodies as they rearrange and clean the workspace.

There is an easier way. Make good use of adaptive devices that allow you to carry out your duties with a minimum of strain to your body. For instance, wielding a long-handled mop to clean the surface of child-size tables is far easier on your back than bending over and wiping them down. Similarly, constantly lifting kids up and down off the changing table for diaper changes can take its toll. But by installing a set of steps, the children can ascend to the table with minimal assistance (except for babies, of course).

Were you injured while working in a day care facility?

If you suffered repetitive stress injuries, muscle sprains, strains or other injuries on your job caring for your young charges, you likely are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Learning more about your right to seek financial compensation after an on-the-job injury may be helpful.