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A brain injury in a car accident is a serious matter

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

You were headed home from work one evening when another car seemed to appear out of nowhere and broadsided your vehicle as you legally approached an intersection. Your car is totaled, you were carried away in an ambulance and you haven’t worked for many weeks.

But perhaps what is most disconcerting of all is that you were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after the collision. While you don’t know a whole lot about brain injuries, what you do know is that you can no longer do many of the things that you unthinkingly did prior to your motor vehicle accident.

When will you ever feel normal again?

Injuries like broken legs or collarbones typically resolve quickly within weeks or perhaps months of the accident. But unfortunately, there is no straightforward timetable for resolution with TBIs. Doctors state that much of a patient’s potential recovery occurs in the weeks and months after the injury. Recovery slows and may even stop the closer TBI patients get to the one-year anniversary of their accidents.

But don’t lose hope. This is still an area of medicine where new developments are eagerly pursued. Just because there is no new progress right now does not preclude your ever regaining some lost ground.

You might not even know you had a TBI

If you are lucky, your TBI will be slight, perhaps a mild concussion. This does not mean that you will suffer no ill effects, however. It only means that the repercussions from the TBI will be less severe than some brain injuries. You still must follow your doctor’s orders and rest and forego work and other activities until your brain has sufficiently recovered from the accident caused by the negligent driver.

Seek guidance to recover compensation

Especially when the brain and your thinking processes have been affected, it is important to learn more about your rights to seek financial compensation after the auto accident injured you. Personal injury claims are not as open-and-shut as many people assume.

For instance, are you married? Did your marital relationship change as a result of your accident? Perhaps you can no longer help your spouse with chores around the house or drive the kids to school. Maybe you are no longer able to enjoy your formerly robust sex life with your spouse. If so, your spouse may be able to file their own claim for loss of consortium in the personal injury lawsuit. This claim is related to, but independent of, any personal injury claim that you file after your auto accident.