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Injuries on iconic Disney ride

Disney Parks have a long-standing reputation as a place that offers nostalgic, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many New Jersey families along with millions of people across the globe have taken or are planning a trip to one of these amusement parks. New attractions are constantly added to appeal to younger guests who may not be familiar with the characters of older favorites have been thrilling guests for decades. Recently, injuries at a park raise questions about the safety of some of these older attractions. 

Earlier this year, Disney World officials announced that Splash Mountain, a water ride that debuted in 1992, would be transformed into an updated attraction based on the kid-favorite movie, “The Frog Princess.” After a frightening malfunction, guests may agree that it’s time for Splash Mountain to go. As the ride went along, guests suddenly found their lives in the balance, and a park employee added to the chaos. 

One of the “boats” sank with no warning. Terrified riders did their best to scramble to safety. A park employee apparently told at least one shipwrecked guest that she should have stayed in the sinking car. Official injury information was not included in the media report. 

Amusement parks across the nation are showing their age, and this summer, many are only partially open on a limited schedule. Guests may suffer injuries if park owners do not make safety a priority and train staff members to be able to offer guests appropriate safety instructions in the event of an accident on the property. If anyone has a similar experience at an amusement park in New Jersey, an experienced attorney could help prepare and present a claim for monetary damages in civil court.