Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Motorcycle accidents: A chief concern for riders

As summer begins to draw to a close, New Jersey motorcycle enthusiasts are taking advantage of the last few weeks of warm, sunny days. Unfortunately, navigating everyday traffic carries the potential for serious motorcycle accidents. When a motorcycle crashes with larger passenger or commercial vehicles, the motorcycle rider may wind up the worse for wear. 

Recently, a man on a motorcycle was waiting for a vehicle in front of him to execute a turn. He maneuvered his bike onto the shoulder to get around the stalled traffic. Suddenly, another vehicle broke from the line of traffic and attempted to circumvent the other vehicles. 

The driver veered in front of the motorcycle, and the motorcycle driver swerved to avoid being struck. The motorcycle wound up crashing into a vehicle in front. The driver that pulled out in front of the bike did not remain at the scene and instead pulled off and continued driving. The motorcycle rider was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of serious injuries. 

When a New Jersey resident is badly injured in such a crash, he or she may feel overwhelmed in the days and weeks that follow. Hospital bills, damages to a motorcycle or other personal property, and lasting or permanent injury can all cause considerable and perhaps insurmountable expenses for an injured rider to cover while he or she is trying to recover. In many cases, an attorney that has experience dealing with motorcycle accidents is able to help a client seek justice and compensation in a court of law.