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Recovery from animal bites no walk in the park

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Animal Bites

New Jersey dog owners might be using the last weeks of summer to get their furry friends outside for some exercise. Many parks offer a special area for dogs and their owners to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, animal bites cannot be totally prevented, and if a dog becomes aggressive toward other pets or people, injuries can be serious. 

Recently, a New Jersey couple took their canine companions to a local dog park. Suddenly, another dog began to attack one of the couple’s beloved pups. The couple, afraid for their dog, attempted to break up the fight. 

The man was bitten, and paramedics arrived to treat his injury at the scene. The woman fared far worse. As she desperately tried to free her dog from the jaws of the attacker, the tip of her finger was bitten off. She had to be taken to a local hospital for immediate treatment. The person who owned the dog that attacked the couple and their dogs left the park, allegedly to try to separate the dogs, but police made contact after the incident.

Animal bites can result in lasting or permanent injury. A victim may suffer from infection, lose wages due to inability to work, or even suffer emotional trauma that affects his or her daily life. If a victim is interested in taking legal action against the owner of an aggressive dog, he or she may want to contact a local attorney for some professional assistance with filing a suit in a civil court.