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Concert results in injuries for patron

For music lovers, going to see a live band is an exciting experience. Whether a person is going to see a favorite band or discovering something new, concerts can be a great way to enjoy music with other people. Unfortunately, when those in charge of people’s safety at a venue fail to enforce safety rules, patrons can suffer serious injuries

A man was attending a punk rock concert in New Jersey. Another person tried to do a stage dive over the head of the band’s lead singer. A stage dive is when a person climbs up onto the elevated stage area and then jumps out into the crowd. This activity is very dangerous and is forbidden at most shows and venues. 

The stage jumper was not stopped by venue security, and when he launched himself over the heads of the crowd, he landed on an unsuspecting concert-goer. The victim suffered serious injuries and could not move to seek help because the area behind him was filled with rowdy dancers. He had to undergo spinal surgery and may suffer from these injuries for the rest of his life. 

The man decided to take legal action because the people responsible for enforcing safety rules at the venue did nothing to prevent injuries, even though they were aware that stage diving is forbidden. He was awarded a $2 million settlement. New Jersey residents who find themselves suffering under similar circumstances may want to contact an attorney with experience handling premises liability cases. A victim could potentially be awarded a verdict or settlement that will provide monetary compensation to help offset the cost of medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, ongoing pain and suffering, and other expenses a victim may incur through no fault of his or her own.