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Man suffered injuries as child, now seeks justice

When parents are looking for extracurricular activities for children, there are lots of options. For children that enjoy outdoor activities like sports, parents may worry about safety. Recently, a New Jersey man shared his own story about suffering injuries as a child, and he says that the adults supervising the situation were to blame. 

The man alleges that when he was about 8-years-old, he was playing kickball with a group of peers at a local school’s summer recreational program. During the game, he fell, but before he could stand up and dust himself off, another child jumped on his back. He attests that the injuries he suffered as a result were extensive, and he is still suffering from the 2009 incident. Nerve damage and a lot of dental work followed the man into adulthood, and now, he wants justice. 

The victim claims that the adults tasked with supervising the game were both negligent and improperly trained. His complaint states that the adults in charge did not supervise the games or make sure the children understood and followed the rules. Instead, he claims that the games were an unregulated free-for-all that made the games unsafe for the children attending the camp. 

Victims of similar circumstances may want to learn what legal recourse is available when a child suffers injuries as a result of the negligence of another party. A good way to get the ball rolling is to contact a New Jersey attorney that has experience handling personal injury cases. An attorney can help a victim’s family hold the party at fault legally responsible for the negligence. A verdict for the plaintiff may include monetary compensation that can help a victim get the care or treatment he or she needs while attempting to recover from injuries.