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Workers’ compensation study explores physical therapy

When a New Jersey resident suffers an injury at work, the days and weeks that follow the physical injury may be filled with confusion and frustration. After initial medical treatment, a victim can begin to feel overwhelmed by the recovery process. As household expenses and medical bills begin to stack up, it may be difficult to resist the urge to pretend everything is fine and return to work. Doing so might lead to further or exacerbated injury, and victims may want to consider filing workers’ compensation claims that will help cover expenses during the recovery process. 

Back injuries are one of the most common types of physical injury a worker may suffer on the clock. A recent study explored how ongoing physical therapy may be beneficial for lower back pain resulting from injury. These therapies may seem costly, and some victims might feel like they must make a choice between paying their bills or getting the treatment they need to recover. 

According to the study, victims with back injuries that had access to physical therapy were able to recover faster and more fully than those that did not have physical therapy. The length of recommended therapy can vary based on the severity of injury and the individual patient. Victims may be interested to know that workers’ compensation claims often cover not only the cost of initial medical treatment but also long-term care like physical therapy. 

Injured New Jersey employees may be intimidated at the prospect of filing workers’ compensation claims. In many cases, it can be helpful to seek advice from an attorney who has experience in this area. An attorney can help a victim use the legal system to seek compensation for injuries that happen at work, and successful claims can result in the availability of monetary resources to help with proper medical care, household expenses and other financial burdens a victim may face after being injured at work.