Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Notorious intersection becomes hot spot for car accidents

Crashes are an unfortunate inevitably. Even when drivers do their best to obey speed limits, traffic signs and local laws, car accidents are an ever-present threat. Recently, news outlets reported yet another serious crash at a New Jersey intersection that has become notorious for car accidents. 


Two vehicles collided at the intersection with such force that one vehicle was forced off the road. The driver and passenger of one of the vehicles suffered serious injuries and had to be taken by helicopter to a trauma center for immediate treatment. Local law enforcement has launched an investigation, but locals say that this particular intersection has been the focus of similar crash investigations before. 

According to local officials, administrators have asked the state of New Jersey to do something about the dangerous intersection on numerous occasions in the past. They say the traffic pattern is confusing and leads to accidents on a regular basis. In this case, one of the drivers continued straight, apparently unaware that traffic was crossing from the other side. It is not yet known if charges will be filed against the driver who caused the accident. 

Car accidents that result in serious injury to a victim can often be handled by a civil court. A victim can take legal action against the party deemed to be at fault for the crash. A successful civil case can result in a verdict that includes a monetary judgement. A victim interested civil action may want to start by contacting an experienced local attorney. An attorney can help a client prepare his or her case and fight for justice and appropriate compensation in a court of law.