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Shoulder injuries impact an individual’s ability to work

There are many job duties that can put pressure on the shoulders. Even something as simple as reaching up to get a file off a high shelf could result in an injury. The risk of shoulder injuries is something that all employers should take very seriously.

Many shoulder injuries can be prevented through the use of ergonomic equipment and proper protocols. This includes having equipment to help with lifting heavy objects or requiring that team lifts be used for heavy, bulky or oversized items. Some shoulder injuries can also be prevented by using proper posture while completing work duties.

What symptoms should workers pay attention to?

Because some shoulder injuries occur slowly over time, workers should pay close attention to any shoulder pain or stiffness. If this continually occurs, there’s a chance that you’ve suffered a cumulative trauma injury to the shoulder. You should seek medical care so you can begin to receive treatment before the injury progresses.

In other cases, the shoulder injury happens suddenly. You may notice pain or an inability to move the shoulder. These are signs that there is something amiss, so seeking medical care is critical.

Regardless of what type of shoulder injury you suffer, you should receive workers’ compensation benefits if the injury was due to performing your work duties. These benefits can include coverage for medical care, as well as partial wage replacement and vocational rehabilitation. If you’re not given the benefits you’re due, you may need to file an appeal. This is an involved process so working with an experienced attorney is beneficial.