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The five riskiest occupations in medicine

When you think of risky occupations, you may envision long-line fishing or oil rig jobs. Without a doubt, these occupations are dangerous and can lead to catastrophic and fatal injuries. When it comes to occupational illnesses, it seems that the dental health industry is actually one of the riskiest.

Business Insider published a highly detailed report in which U.S. occupations received an unhealthiness score based on the following factors:

  • Exposure to contaminants, infections and disease
  • Exposure to dangerous conditions or radiation
  • Time spent seated
  • Risk of cuts, burns, stings and bites

The results indicate that health care occupations, especially dental care, come with more work-related illnesses than many other jobs.

Specific health care jobs with high health risks

For those working in health care, these results are no great surprise. Generally, medical personnel across all fields accept these risks. However, you can protect yourself from an illness by learning which jobs pose the most risks. They include:

  • Dental hygienists have the highest illness risks, with an unhealthiness score of 72.8 based on possible exposure to radiation, infection and disease. They also must sit down to perform their work.
  • Dentists have the next highest unhealthiness score at 69.5 based on the same occupational risks that hygienists face (radiation and disease exposure, sitting, etc.).
  • Those who provide healthcare to animals have the third riskiest job with a score of 66.5. These workers face exposure to diseases, contaminants and infection. They are also at risk of suffering animal bites, cuts, and other wounds.
  • With an unhealthiness score of 65.7, dental lab employees work in the fourth most unhealthy settings. They frequently face exposure to contaminants, infection and disease, and they also sit for lengths of time.
  • Dental assistants have the fifth riskiest jobs with an unhealthiness score of 65.5. Like others in this list, these workers face exposure to infection, disease, radiation and contaminants.

Both Somerville and Flemington, New Jersey, offer many health care careers. You should know that workers’ compensation provides you with financial benefits for occupational illnesses and injuries. If you have trouble getting the compensation you deserve, an attorney can help you find success.