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How do permanent partial disability benefits work in New Jersey?

The New Jersey workers’ compensation system protects employed individuals against financial hardship caused by work-related medical conditions. Whether someone falls off a ladder and breaks a leg or develops carpal tunnel syndrome after typing all day for years, workers’ compensation will help them. 

Many people who claim workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey only need medical coverage because they can continue working while receiving treatment. Others may have injuries that are severe enough to limit their job abilities and future work opportunities. 

The state can replace some of your missed wages

Disability benefits can help those unable to work during their treatment. Partial disability benefits can help those who can work but can not perform the same tasks they did prior to their injury or illness. 

Workers with long-term limitations on their functions or a permanent physical injury may experience a lasting drop in their earning potential. These workers may benefit from a permanent partial disability benefits claim.

What happens when an injury will always affect your income?

When someone has a work-acquired illness or an injury that will limit the job functions they can perform or the income they can earn, workers’ compensation can help them. Permanent partial disability benefits are available to those who can demonstrate that they have long-term career consequences for their injury. 

The state can offer benefits paid on a weekly basis to those with lasting performance issues because of their injuries. Workers may be able to receive up to $1,065 per week as a maximum benefit amount for permanent partial disability. The total dollar amount of benefits someone receives will depend on the severity of their injury.  

Learning about workers’ compensation benefits will help make it easier for you to navigate a claim.