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What makes an intersection dangerous?

| Sep 16, 2021 | Car Accidents

Even the most well-designed intersection can be one of the most dangerous places that you will ever drive. Any time you have to cross into oncoming traffic lanes, the sheer odds of an accident increase compared to a one-way street like an interstate. 

That said, some intersections are certainly more dangerous than others. It’s important to know exactly what to watch out for when you drive. 

Intersections without 4-way stops 

First off, residential intersections may have yield or stop signs or nothing at all. People who live near these treacherous intersections often campaign to have 4-way stops installed. 2-way stops increase vehicle speeds and lead to confusion when one driver assumes incorrectly that it’s a 4-way stop intersection. 

Intersections with obstructed signs 

Signs are also less useful when they’re obstructed from view. This could happen due to overgrown bushes, trees or other vegetation. There may also be issues with large vehicles parking along the street, making it harder to see the signs. People accidentally run these stop signs more often. 

Intersections on hills

Hills are another form of obstruction. The person coming up the hill may not see a stop sign at all until the last second. Meanwhile, drivers at the top of the hill cannot always see traffic approaching. A hill can make it appear safe to move through the intersection when it might cause a major accident. 

If you get hit by another driver, you could suffer from life-altering injuries. You must know how to seek compensation for costs like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.