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Understanding the challenges of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is something that happens to those who have been through a stressful and traumatic experience and have lasting emotional and psychological damage as a result. They may not be physically harmed, but that doesn’t mean that the experience didn’t take a toll.

The most common example used is when a soldier goes to war and then returns after seeing combat. They may not have been injured in the fighting, but they saw things that were so traumatic that they keep having flashbacks or nightmares, and they’re not able to integrate back into normal life. But this can happen to people in all sorts of other situations, from dog bites to car accidents to workplace accidents. It’s not just an issue for those in the military.

It can be very different from one individual to the next

One of the main challenges with PTSD is that it manifests differently between different people. One person may just have nightmares but feel fine during the day. Another person may constantly be triggered by loud noises or similar situations, and they may not be able to go about their daily business. 

For instance, someone who was involved in a serious car accident may not be able to drive again, or someone who was involved in a plane crash may never be able to get back in a plane. Still another person may have some combination of all of these symptoms. It’s very dependent on the exact circumstances of the case, so you never want to assume that people are experiencing the same thing or that they need the same type of care after the fact.

If you are dealing with PTSD, you absolutely know that it can be a disability and it can change your life forever. Be sure you understand the options you may have to seek benefits, including Social Security Disability.