Justice For New Jersey Accident Victims
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Your workplace injury was your fault: Does that matter?

If you got injured on the job because your employer allowed an unsafe work environment to exist, it’s easy to assume that you deserve workers’ comp benefits. You didn’t want to be injured and you didn’t do anything to hurt yourself, but you still have to deal with the ramifications, so workers’ comp will help.

But what if the injury actually was your fault? What if your workplace was safe but you made a mistake that caused your injury? For example, perhaps you had to climb a perfectly safe ladder that had been checked and set up properly, but you leaned too far to the side while trying to do a job – even though your supervisor told you to get down and move the ladder – and then you fell. There’s no doubt that you caused this injury, so how does that impact your case?

You generally still deserve benefits

There are some cases in which a worker’s actions could influence the case, but workers’ comp in general is a no-fault system. So it is not determined by whether or not you caused the accident that led to your injuries. If you were working on the job and you got hurt, you still have a right to workers’ comp.

The only way this may change is if you did something that was clearly extremely negligent or even against the law. For instance, maybe you were intoxicated on the job when you fell or you were doing something outside of the scope of your employment. But, in most cases, the fault for the accident isn’t going to matter at all.

Those who have been hurt on the job simply need to look into the necessary steps to obtain compensation.